AviaNova: How to wash a plane ?

vendredi, juin 18, 2010

Avianova, leader des compagnies aériennes low cost en Russie, a décidé de révéler l'une des clés de son offre compétitive.

A défaut d'utiliser des phases de maintenance onéreuses, le top management mise sur les compétences de son staff, afin d'offrir un maximum de sécurité aux passagers.

Cet exemple se rapproche totalement de ce que Rory Sutherland de chez Ogilvy exprimait lors de son TED talk en 2009, au sujet de l'Eurostar:
"How do we make the journey to Paris better?" And they came up with a very good engineering solution, which was to spend six billion pounds building completely new tracks from London to the coast, and knocking about 40 minutes off a three-and-half-hour journey time. Now, call me Mister Picky. I'm just an ad man ... ... but it strikes me as a slightly unimaginative way of improving a train journey merely to make it shorter. Now what is the hedonic opportunity cost on spending six billion pounds on those railway tracks? Here is my naive advertising man's suggestion. What you should in fact do is employ all of the world's top male and female supermodels, pay them to walk the length of the train, handing out free Chateau Petrus for the entire duration of the journey. (Laughter) (Applause) Now, you'll still have about three billion pounds left in change, and people will ask for the trains to be slowed down."

Sources: leBloge, Copyranter

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